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Staying Fit While Travelling with Rodd & Gunn’s Harry Goodwins

September 16, 2019

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle can be tricky to do when travelling. It can be hard to adjust your normal routine when on holiday, let alone find time to squeeze in a work out.

We have teamed up with fitness expert, Harry Goodwins (@harrygoodwins), to put together an ultimate guide to working out while travelling. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, for two days or two months, this work out guide will be the perfect way to keep fit and healthy while travelling. Read all about Harry’s tips for working out and clean eating while you are away. Be sure to let us know if you try his workout in the comments below.

Work Out Anytime, Anywhere

Burpees, Mountain Climbers, and Push-Ups

When travelling for work, my go-to workout regime is a quick basic circuits of five exercises for five rounds. This way of working out is brilliant when you are on the go, as it can be done anywhere from your hotel room to the local park, and takes maximum of 20 minutes. 

This circuit consists of:

  1. 10-15 Burpees
  2. 20 reps/side Mountain Climbers
  3. 20 Push-Ups
  4. 20 Squats
  5. 20 Leg Raises, Crunches, Bicycles, or Standard Sit-Ups – Stick to one, or switch it up for each round.

Keep the rest times between each exercise as short as possible. Try to limit it to a minute or less, unless you are really struggling.

If I can, and often do, I will try to fit in a 3-5km run either in the morning or the evening. Not only does a run get your heart beating and the mind running free, it’s also a fantastic way to check out your surroundings.

Squats, Sit-Ups, and Crunches.

Eat Cleanly and Guilt Free while Travelling

When I am at home, I tend to mainly eat at home. When I’m travelling for work this becomes nearly impossible. Continually eating out while travelling can be very expensive, so I tend to try and save as much money as possible. This can easily lead to turning to less healthy food. However, I don’t beat my self up about it. To counteract the indulgence, I will fast for about 14 hours the next day, and make up for it when I get home.

When travelling for vacations, I make the most of it and enjoy my time off. I don’t worry about the food, life is about balance so I indulge as much as I want. When I’m back home and into my routine, I will make up for it with fasting and eating healthier meals. 

Got your travel workout routine down pat, but still need somewhere to go? Check out our travel guides to find your next holiday destination.

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