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5 Transeasonal Essentials for the Modern Man

September 6, 2018

As the days warm up, there have been bouts of strangeness when it comes to Australian weather. One day, you’d be right to think it’s high summer, and the next, it’s drizzling, miserable, and barely topping 20 degrees. So how to dress for a season with such a split personality? We put together a quick list of go-to pieces to have readily available in the wardrobe, to put together a stylish outfit at a forecast’s notice. 

A Button-Up Shirt

Dressing for transeasonal weather is all about finding pieces that can go with a number of existing ensembles, and the easiest way to do that is with colour. Finding core items in smart, but versatile colours allow for the base of the outfit to be interchangeable while staying stylish, complemented by polished accessories. Taking the time to find a lightweight button-up is a worthwhile venture, but it can be overwhelming trying to find the best brand and cut amidst the thousands of options available. Narrow the criteria by purchasing shirts only with natural fibres, cotton being the most readily available and suitable for unpredictable weather. Anything with polyester tends to heat up more quickly, and smell even worse when you inevitably start schvitzing. 

A (Deconstructed) Blazer

There should always be at least one good quality, never-fail jacket that your outfit can rely on no matter what the occasion, but it’s also important to have a deconstructed blazer on hand as well. A deconstructed jacket takes away the structure of the jacket, that is, the padding, the canvas, and usually are made in a much more lightweight fabric, such as cotton. What you lose in structure, however, you gain in comfort, which makes these perfect for capricious weather systems.

A Crew Neck Cotton Sweater

Why the crew neck? Apart from not being completely on board with the how v-necks are still a thing, a crew neck works well when it comes to layering over a t-shirt, or a button up. You can even wear it on its own, true fisherman style and very a la M.J. Bale A/W 2015.

Again, avoid anything that’s been blended with synthetics; pure wool does tend to be more breathable, but cotton is definitely more lightweight, and more suited to those randomly placed scorchers, which is where we are inevitably heading.

A Good Pair of Jeans

When it comes to jeans, there should be a good pair in your wardrobe already. A pair of blue wash jeans, in a slim, classic cut, is a wardrobe staple that we really don’t need to talk about in great detail. However, if you do need to replace your jeans, or add a style to the collection, now is the non-season to do it.

Apart from being incredibly durable, cotton denim doesn’t insulate, meaning if it’s hot, you won’t stay hot, and if it’s cold, you won’t stay cold. For spring, opt for a slightly lighter wash. We’re not talking a completely light blue, but something in a shade will keep the outfit fresh and bright as we move away from the muted colours of winter. Depending on where they’ll get the most use, look for a smarter, tailored pair of jeans that can be dressed up or dressed down sans fuss. 

A Good Quality T-Shirt

A good quality t-shirt should be something that can be added or taken away from an outfit, depending on the weather, without the whole look being hinged on it. Opt for pieces you can wear underneath an outer layer, looking for colours such as light greys and whites, (with no graphics or v necks, please).

There are a plethora of t-shirts available out there, but once you do find one that’s a good fit, comfortable, and does well in the wash, buy three. Put two into circulation and one away for a rainy day – you never know when you’re going to suddenly need a clean, white t-shirt.

So go forth – embrace Australia’s seasonless seasons, knowing you can do it in style. 

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