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The Interview: Style Supremacy for Getting the Job

September 10, 2018

Okay – let’s level here. A well-tailored suit will not be the only thing that gets you the job, but looking the part is important. In fact, experts say that we cement our first impressions within the first seven seconds of meeting someone. That’s seven seconds for them to notice scuffed shoes, a crumpled shirt, or a tie that’s two centimetres too thin, which makes your job of convincing them you’re a capable, initiative-taking, hard-working potential employee that much harder. Understandably so – we’re visual, fickle creatures, and personal appearance tells us a great deal about an individual.

So, to help make the road to sartorial success in your next job interview, we’ve put together a simple, four point checklist to make those first seven seconds yours. 


It’s key, right? So do your research. Gauge the company; is it a tech start-up? Is it a top ranking firm? The company you’re interviewing with will influence how you dress for the interview, but if you’re ever unsure, always opt for more on the dressy side. 


Now is not the time to pull out your green, double-breasted, linen suit (unless you’re going for an interview with a fashion label, then by all means) so instead, utilize classic and inoffensive colours. Navy, white, blue, and dark green work well as a good base for your personality and skills to shine through, and also allow you to feel comfortable in a high scrutiny situation, which, fortunately, leads us to our next point. 


It is so important to not get lazy with your interview outfit. Your suit must be clean, and by that, we don’t mean ‘licking your thumb and rubbing off marks on the way’ clean. Polish your shoes, your shirt is properly ironed, and your hair is groomed. The easiest way to look professional is to show you can keep yourself clean.

Comfort & Fit

These two go hand in hand – if something fits well, it shows in both a visual and mental respect. If you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to think more clearly and respond more eloquently. If something is too tight or too loose for example, we’ll put our bets down that you’ll at best be distracted, or at worst be fidgeting, which will, in turn, distract the interviewer.

Comment below: would you wear brown or black shoes for an interview?

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