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Interview with Chris Evans

December 22, 2016

Chris Evans in Australia with Chivas Regal

Shaun Birley (SB):    Good to have you in Sydney.

Chris Evans (CE):       Thanks, man.

SB:                  Are you making it to Brisbane at all?

CE:                  No, unfortunately.

SB:                  What other cities have you got planned so far?

CE:                  None. Like I said, we leave tomorrow morning, and we’re off to China.

SB:                  Right. Practically no time in Sydney at all.

CE:                  Yeah, none at all. It’s too bad though. Even driving around today I was like, ‘shirt, man. I really wish I had more time here.’ It’s been a while. The last time I was here was about ten years ago, and even then, I was here for press.

SB:                  It’s a fun city to be in. One thing, the weather it’s pretty similar to LA, and summer as well

CE:                  What are you at? Are you in summer right now?

SB:                  We’re coming into summer now. So you won’t be able to absorb Bondi Beach and get down there for a bit of a surf, unfortunately. Where are you based in LA?

CE:                  I mean I have a place in LA, but I spend most of my time in Boston.

SB:                  First thing I naturally wanted to ask was, what are some good social occasions where you enjoy Chivas as well?

CE:                  God, you name it. Today, anywhere really. I mean there are so many events, as actors there’s always nonsense you’ve got to do all the time, actors love congratulating themselves, so there’s plenty of opportunities to raise a glass of Chivas.

SB:                  Do you have a specific cocktail that you enjoy drinking that’s Chivas based?

CE:                  Not really. I mean I’m not a cocktail guy, I’ll usually just do it on the rocks.

SB:                  Perfect. Timeless. So I have a reasonable viewership online. It’s very coffee and fashion, and also travel orientated. So one of the my questions – America gets a bad rap here for bad coffee, so mate, can you recommend somewhere for me to check out in the US that has good coffee ….. or a good cafe.

CE:                  Good coffee? I’ve got to say I’m not a coffee guy, I never have been, and I pride myself on not being a coffee guy, because I’ve known a lot of friends who they wake up in the morning and they’re truly monsters until they get their coffee, and I never want to be that, so I’ve never actually kind of cracked the coffee. Hopefully, it stays that way.

SB:                  Now I’m glad you didn’t see me before this interview then. So for a lot of Aussie blokes up here, we do love our linen suits. It’s coming into summer time now, but I just wanted to get an idea of what is a wardrobe staple for you.

CE:                  God, linen suits are it!!! Wardrobe staple for me? I really like a good white t-shirt. I like a classic, timeless look. Paul Newman, James Dean, blue jeans, white t-shirt, boots. If you can pull that off, well, you’re golden, so you’ve got to get a good, fitted white t-shirt, good blue jeans with no stupid like ‘whiskery’ fade or anything – just simple, classic, timeless look.

SB:                  That’s a good weekend look, too. Now hypothetically – this is a very asked question here – IF, you were given a sidekick here in Australia, and let’s just call him Captain Australia, what would he look like, and what would he need to do to join your side?

CE:                  Oh man. Let’s make him look like Hemsworth, because you know what, who doesn’t want their sidekick to look like Hemsworth? You’re golden, really. There’s nothing he can’t do. You could get into any club.

SB:                  He’d probably be a good wingman as well.

CE:                  Yeah, right!!!

SB:                  Awesome. Well that’s me done. Thanks for your time mate

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